Never feed the monster. Never feed the enemiy. Always love. Cyber love. We are consultants, educators and influencers of the new age media. 

The lights are on and we put up a good show. Cyber world cyber love. What do we do here? New age new media. Waves, sounds and a strong voice for the people. We stand up for love. Each day we educate people on what we do. We let people know with purity and honesty. As newest ibfluencers we influence with love. We also consult and build other brands. We work with companies that stood the same ground and believe in the same things we do. 

We influence people and tell them to stand up. Stand up for your believes and change. Doing you feels good. Explaining your side feels good. Gratification from the love that we recieve from our audience. 

Hard as it is. We push for the truth. We aim to inspire the unspired. Dreaming amd building comes hand in hand. When people talk ill of you. You have to always know that its ok. Its ok you can waste your time voicing your opinions. It doesnt change the facts that we are the ones who hustled. We are the ones who push and keep swimming with the sharks. 

Trust your instics. Trust your gut follow your passion. Struggle is part of life. We all have our battles. Battles of how you stand up. Battles on how you want to voice out your opinions. There is a difference bettwen common sense and street smarts. This two are needed to be able to influence and change the world. 

Feed the world with love. Change the world with love. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Until our next post. Feel the love. Play the game of love. Let the music play. Let us change you. Embrace your powers. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Cyber queen. Cyber king. Cyber world. Cyber beauty. 


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