Ending the night with love. To be political or not to be political. We believe in being able to do you! Love is love. Cart3lfromlove.com Gender is just an illusion. Educating people with words, what we see and what we love.


We voiced out our struggles and what we stand up for lets get into this a little bit more. Its been a long day of working BTS. Now is the time to talk and speak up about up for. We stand up for being able to love the person of your choice. No matter what background or sex or colour.  We all have struggles in life but the worst struggle is not being able to love someone you love. We are lucky that we did find each other. Life is hard and I got the courage to get up and start this whole thing with the backing of my loves one. My family my partner, our friends and now are legendary children. It suck the most when you see that there is still some places in the world that you are not aloud to be you. We are both lucky that we live in a place where you can go outside and speak up about yourself and about you. The rights of being you and being able to act like you we shouldn’t take this for granted.  We are lucky that we are able to wear and act the way we want.  We are struggling and we look at the good side instead of the bad. We know what we need to do and we do that everyday. We stand up loud and proud. Proud of what we made. Proud that people believe in our powers. We push ourselves everyday to inspire people to do you. Get up and get the courage to get your dreams and work hard to get them. The millennia brings nothing but great hopes.


The world is changing for the better. Even when we have leaders in the society that will take things from rights of people. The world stones them. Social media is your friend when it comes to educating. But before you read someone you must learn first. Silence is a strong thing when your in social media. But knowing what you are, Knowing what your stand for, Knowing who is behind you is more than just the key. Its a gift in this world now a days. We see so much hate out there and we drown them out. We play with love and we keep on keeping on for us our family, our community that we built and love. Those who can do should teach. Those who cant do should learn. Ignorance is hand in hand with intelligence. This is true you can never know everything and anything is this world. You must really block the ugly and move on. It will bring more hate when you doing you is a must. We listen and we speak up on topics that dear to us.  Even we are shocked on you know who play the game we love. Tag your it and showcase you love. The Light that is given to us by the great gods we ourselves give it to others. We showcase us and our friends. Gone are the days of hate. Gone are the days of regretting. Doing what needs to be done. But never saying never and embracing what the obstacles that you need to jump trough with joy. With a voice so strong and substantial. There is a method and there is a plan. So for tonight we end it back to love. We are from love here at the cart3ls. We are family. Hand in hand we are gonna make it up there. So play the game of love. Let the music play.  Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Until our next post slay everyone be the truth of it all.  We are the cure we are new age media. Filled with characters, games and children of the future. Legendary children. Cyber world. Cyber space is our playgroud


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