A tribute to the great mothers we have. Our big mothers cart3lfromlove.com. Changing the cyber world with love

This is a tribute. This is showing love to the great mothers we have. Big Mothers we call them. Some places are already celebrating. For us not yet but its never to early of never to late to show love to the great mothers we love. We are feminist. Feminism and embracing your true self. Its more than just love that make us keep going. They nurture us and shape us everyday. We look to them and this is a tribute of words for the Big mothers we have. When building a community and a company you must feed it the same way the women of our lives feed us. We feed it with love that we receive from these amazing creatures we call mothers. They are truly amazing.  We are proud to show them love because they have given us love and never looses hope. The mothers we call big mothers are the ones who made us stand up and believe in our powers. We do this for all of them. Swimming together hand in hand with love.

  This is our words of tribute. You bring us joy and love everyday. Each and every single one of you guys have been the kindest most amazing women. Thank you, Xie Xie, Merci, Arigato Gracias. From me him and our now legendary children. cart3lfromlove.com is from the love that we receive from all of you guys. Feel there love. Always and forever cart3l dynasty.  We wont know what to do with out the support and love from you guys. Tribute and words you guys more than need. We are honoured to receive your love. Until our nest post we are inspired. We inspire the world with love. Cyber love. Cyber tribute.


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