When people hate you smile back and say. Thanks for playing. Cart3lfromlove.com

Yes hello how are you? Its time to speak honestly now more than ever. Silence is a strong thing specially when its social media you know what I am saying? Online don’t have no rules. Understand that we made the magazine and we know what our plans are. We have secrets now more than ever. If people really want to know then they should ask instead of just running there mouth. Its been a good minute since we slayed people with our words. Its crazy how much great and positive feed back we get. We don’t look at the hate anymore. We Keep on keeping on here at cart3l. We believe in our powers and we know what we are and we know who is BTS. The people that we love are embracing us and we are working with great individuals. Collaboration is where its at. When you build a company and a community what is important is not looking at the power or not even feeling the power that was given to you.  We only talk about what we love and what we can. The rest we keep it aside.


When we started this we were a bit too dramatic but you know that’s life. This is a game people. We are the ruling kings and queens me and him. We play with great white sharks and that is where its at. The game that we love more and more people are playing it. Tag your it and lets go. If you don’t like what we are doing or what we are working on I bet you your already know the answer to that. Take the exit stage left and don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Its time to have some fun and its time to you know let loose.  Let the games begin. We are the newest online magazine out there filled with amazing things. Articles we got it. Inspirational quotes we got it. New wave new sound new media. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Lets go keep on keeping on if you cant love yourself how the hell are you gonna love someone else. Love is the answer and we are from love. Play by the rules. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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