The world changes and we change with the world. Progression with times. New waves new media. Updated list of our community.

The world changes each and everyday and for us the Cart3ls we change with the world. Today we have some updates for everyone.  Our community has grown and we are more than happy too add some more in our community. Each day we change and look at the demands of our audience. We know our targets and our plans and that is staying with us for now. But each day things work out and we fight better and better. The fight is with in the archives now. The great archives where you will find more and more of you really dig into.  here is the community that we built.

Get up its time to play the game of love. Spread love and only slay the truth. Don’t let anyone take it and don’t let anyone take that voice. The voice of originality. Be angry, be strong and focus like there is no tomorrow. Always and forever Cart3l Dynasty. Feel the love and let the music play. The games is where its at play the game of love. Its time to dance. Let the games begin happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Be kind to one another.


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