Taking it like a bull. Fighting back like a bull. Bye gurl bye. We will always win. Love will win. Cart3lfromlove.com

When people are hating that only means one thing your doing some thing right. Your doing something that your suppose to be doing. When people get hurt that means they have wronged you.  But true life isnt fair but its all fair in the end we believe in karma and we believe they come in 3 folds. Time for us to move at it in faster way. This is where we designed the games and we will win. We will get there. We have people and they are all behind us. We find more and more plastics and more and more people that are like yes. Thats how they play and they play dirty. Guess what we can do that too. Its not just in our playbokk but in realife. Thank you from me and him thank you for the lies. Thank you for being predicatable. Its nice to know you but we need to say goodbye. 

We are from love. We choose to fight for our belives. We are the slayers of the truth.  People underestimate things and thats ok. We keep our cool and just like ninjas we wait. Fighters. Nothing more and nothing less. We are the cart3ls. We swim with sharks and put up a good show. Its all in the details. We let our work do the talking. We showcase our friends and loves ones. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Its time too stand proud patt yourself in the back. We changed the world again. Let the music play. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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