About yesterday and today. What we wore and what we did. 

Yesterday was a crazy day. We are juggling so many things and working hard. Online is not for everyone. Building work and adding up all the hustle is crazy. But we both know that we are both in it to win it.

He is also there busy on cooking something up for us. 

We are a team. We work hard and so do our now leggendary children. 

We only take the good apples. We only talk to the good ones. And we are artists. We like to move and progress with time. 

We make time for people who have been there for us and who have been our friends since day 1.

We share the knowledge that we find. We celebrate the people who are loyal to us. We talk about what we do. We are doers ee do. 

New age media. Now media with new flare. With games, articles and love notes. We have crazy character. Our life our rules. 

Its crazy but thr love that we got from each other, family, friends and the people we meet. Is what keeps this train running. Always and forever cart3l dynasty.  Thank you to everyone. We love you guys.  Play the game of love. Cart3lfromlove.com together. Hand in hand. Lets the games begin. Friyay! Slay everyone and leave family alone. We are family. Hapoy hunger games and may the force be with us all. 


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