Ending the night with love and magic. Yaaaas my name is what?  Richard john chox T Talay Rose cart3l and he is Calvy cart3l. We are the cart3ls. We have legendary children.

It was a long day of working BTS. We are excited for what we have for everyone. But for now we should end the night. Its been a huge journey. Yes it is. Toronto montreal vancouver. We keep on keeping on and we keep making waves. New age media. New waves. We have articles, letters and more. We put the E in entertainment. Yes this is true. Its funny how we knew how other people actually were thingking before anyone else. I know I know other birds told us. When you talk and talk people will listen but if you hate hate hate on everything then you know what your on your own. We are known as the slayers of the truth and yes we are. We only talk about things we know. Never mouth out on anything. We are from the north. We know how to play more than anyone. Tag your it is the name of the game. We like to share the light that is given to us by people and by the new gods and the old. 

Its time play. Its time to showcase your tallents. Its time to play the game of love. Yey we did it again. Changing the creatures of online world. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the love turn you. Let the love find you. Check out the children. Check them all out. We are ready. We found the cure and became the cure. If you cant love yourself how the hell are you gonna love someone else. Be kind to one another. Until our nest post. Keep on keeping on 


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