A Tiger doesn’t loose sleep over the opinion of sheep. Loud and proud. We are the CART3LS

Its been a hot minute since we actually had the time to sit down and write. Writing is something that really calms me down.  We have been hustling and bustling since day one and we are really proud of our achievements and goals.  We are the newest online magazine out there. Filled with different kinds of articles. Love is the fuel that we use. But you have to put your forces and line them up. As the great mother of the house of Cart3l we are here to slay the game into the ball game. The game that we love its been played by the greats gods. We are going to write about the great gods that we keep talking about. They are our inspirations here at Cart3l. We are strategist and we strategies how to build a company and a community with love. Cart3l is part of the new age media. Now media but we have more than that. Our contributors that we call our now legendary are ready to finally voice there opinions out.  We have love letters to everything that you can even think of.


We have waves and we play the game that we love. The game of love.  The battle is behind the scene and we only talk about what we love and what we know.  Much like the gods that we love they evolve and change trough time. You cannot be boring and naive when it comes to creating a magazine out there. There is many different kinds out there. We are not the norm and will never be. The light that was given to us we are shining it trough the games and showcasing our talents and our abilities. Time and time again we rise the occasion our legends ball. We are the king and queen of the dynasty we have built. Community is where its at. Community of people that we love and enjoy. If you hear no evil and speak no evil and see no evil you see a different perspective on things. Play the game of love. Play the game but only rise to the occasion with pride and honour. To be revolutionary you must dig deep and be a ninja. Silent but deadly. Open your self to someone you never know where its going to take you. it’s not the destination it’s the journey. Always and forever Cart3l Dynasty. Let the music play, Its time to dance. Follow our hearts. We are one with nature. Its time to change and evolve again. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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