About yersterday and Violethill.

We are working on alot of projects for different companies. Its so much fun now here is a quick update. What we wore and what we saw. Im still here and he is still there. We are working on everything together. Here is just some pictures on whats going on in out crazy hectic life. 

We love our small dates as much as we can.  This is what our life is. This is our pation and we are both in it to win it.

Yes we love going mobile. Just like this new company that we are working with. Details soon.  

Our jewelery brand will be hosted here. 

Thank you so much for everyone who has been playing the game of love since day one. More news to come but for now. Let the music play. Feel our love. Cart3lfromlove.com let the music play. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Until our next post. Be kind to one another. 


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