WOW What a day! Happy 9th and good job kids we changed the world again with love. Updates and life from the cart3ls. always and forever


It was a day but thankfully its done. Thank you so much to everyone that has been part of our journey since day 1. We have nothing but love for each and every single one who in our community that we built. Its takes guts and takes a lot of work to make everything run. We are happy and proud on whats going on. He is still there working his way and I’m still here working on things. Today we made a great deal for ourselves and tomorrow is another day of hustling.  Our magazine is different that the rest. Our love is different from the rest. Its hard but there is no stopping us with our plans and what we can achieve. We work online and there are no rules when you work online. We have been working our buts off in the BTS. We are so happy on our accomplishments big or small its still a great things to celebrate. The games that we love is where its at. The love run deep for our community and they push us and as much as we push them. Changing the world and sticking to your guts and knowing what moves needs to be done is part of the game. We embrace change and we embrace every situations that is given to us by the gods the new and the old. Savage does what a savage do. We know what we are and that will never change. Its easy for every to judge the book by its covers and we changed our own game for the better.  Looking at life in a perspective is a must. Does who can’t do teach and we are teaching and educating people. We are showing every one that all you need is a pair of hands and a voice and you can change the world. If you don’t believe it then too bad. Its enough for us. Knowing your limitations, knowing what your surrounding is and how intent is there. Each day is a hard day but its how you show up. Show up with pride and blocking the negative energy out there is a must. You see in the online world you don’t have to say things or do what other does. Well thats what we believe in anyways. To change things is to do. To move with nature you pull all the strength you have. Embrace your greatness and you will succeed. Life is hard and not fair. But we show us when needed. Now our kids are legendary they know what to do. They know how to play the game.


The game is not over and will never be over because there is to much hate out there. When you hate you become one of them. Them the ones who don’t matter and we call them the uglies. Its true burning bridges and ties in business is a must. But you should never burn family and friends. Test the people around you and you will really see what there true colours are. We did again we changed the world for the better. The light that was given to us we will share to those who have been loyal to us. Our secrets is gold. Our plans are ours. Ninjas is what you should be. Don’t let anyone get it. Don’t let anyone look at you and say no. We have broken so many chains and we will keep doing that. Play the game of love. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Reading walls and creating is what we do here. Let the music play. its time to dance. Be kind to one another. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Happy 9th baby. changing the world of online creatures and changing the world with love. New wave, new sounds letter and articles we slay the game of love.


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