Working on magic. Working on creations of love. updates on our working art. We are savages we take gigs and slay them! Not today not tomorrow but maybe on Sunday’s We take you to church! Reading is more than a must! Happy 9th


20170418_135209We are currently working on the following. Our magazine and working on designs. Designing is something that we love. Its hard I had my first failed venture in design but thats because of partnerships and how young I was and naive back then. Knowing how to run a business and when to run it its two different things. Time is of the essence and we count to what we do every week. We more than just rise. We look at what others do and others say before we make a move. Saddest thing is when you yell how happy you are to the world that is when they all go! oops they are happy lets destroy that. But truth be told don’t look at comments. Thats the negative side of the online world. You have to be a savage in order to get things done. Being nice or being kind in the industry has its gifts. But being a savage and speaking of the truth is how things will be better. I for one have done both. We have received equally comments of hate and love. But if you look at the negative and answer them back and say no! that not how we do it. We look at the pros and cons and wait to subjective the people that are reading us. Yes some of the hate needs to be answer. When they hate that means your doing the right thing. Knowing who to trust and surrounding yourself with the right amount of people is how you move past it in the industry. We struggle just like anyone out there. We are still in are blooming state. If you can’t love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else. Its time you keep your negative comments to yourself because we know what to do with it. Fighting for equality and standing awareness of the ugliness that is out there is what we do. We use the talents that was given to us and people have used them and quoted us with our words. Its sucks that I’m still here and he is still still there but you know what we make do of what cards have been dealt with us. We only look at the positive and not the negative we push for us and our family and our now legendary children. If you are not happy take the exit! You know what they say when cats away the mouse will play. The categories are as follow for the now game of love that we play. Butch queen, Ballerina princess actually we change our mind make your own category and let us know what you want to play as.

The name of the game is tag your it! the game of the game is inspire the inspired. The name of the is showcase your talents. Release your inhibitions and you will find what you truly are born to be. Discrimination we don’t put up with. Hate is not welcomed or asked for. Not today today Not today not tomorrow but maybe on Sunday’s We take you to church! Slaying is as simple as doing what you are good at. Words are different here and for the right amount of people that matter this matters to them now. We all matter that why we are here to inspire the inspired and work together in creating a world with out creatures of negativity. Yes we all know what to do now so slay everyone and leave family alone. Until our next post always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the music play. Play the game of love. Be kind to one another. Dance to the beat of our hearts. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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