what is your brand about? Our brand is from love. Our community and our company is from love. cart3lfromlove.com. new age new wave media. Happy 9th

what is your brand about? cart3l is the name of the company. we have our platform which is our magazine cart3lfromlove.com. We are here to change the world of online creatures.  We are here to be real and to be diverse. Being different is our branding. Not a lot of people will get it. But we are okay with that. To change the world with love is to inspire individuals and the world that no matter what you are doing in your life. Creativity is what we have in the bag. Words we have in the bag images we have in the bag. Branding is something we are great at. Branding is basically showing what you are with images and words. Yes we have that. We know what we are and we know what this will be. We focus on what needs to be done. We don’t say things because we are good at Public relations.

Times are different anyone and everyone can have a company and a magazine. Our has waves, letters and articles. That is what set us apart. knowing when to attack and knowing when to say is what matters. Who listens and who we make listen is two different things. The only world has no rules. no boundaries. We don’t look at the box. we don’t even see the box much like our favourite Rei Kawakubo. We are artist here we change in times we talk to individuals who we call the great gods the new and the old. We are the new age media now media. We are educating you on what we do and what we are. We educate each and ever single one out there that if you believe in your creations and also if you help share the light that you have created for other individuals out there.  We are here and we are there we are everywhere. you are a cart3l now and you are legendary if we name you our. you know what to do. check the waves they will come.  We are here to slay the truth and nothing but the truth! Speak honesty only we are known as the slayers of the truth. Slay everyone and leave family alone. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Let the music play happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. We wont stop we will inspire the uninspired. Changing the world one post at a time. We are here for the community that we made and our now legendary children


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