Im still sick! But im still here and he is still there. Happy 9th from me him and our legendary children. Yey!

Today is a very special day. But im still suffering from sickness due to the fact that was given to me by the journalist. Yes its the 9th and we are celebrating. Yey we botg working towards our goals and the games that we love. Yes the games tgat we love we are playing it with bigger selection of people. Yey thank you so much to everyone that is helping is bts. Things are progressing and things are working the way they should. Our plans have changed and that is for us. Secrets are gonna be revealed when needed. Its tine to play the game of love.  New waves new style new media. Its all dofferent here at the cart3ls. 

We have a good amount of cast that we will soon showcase. Anyways lets start the games. Let the new games begin. Happy 9th. Let the music play. Its time to dance. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. 


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