Rules of the new games. Be a savage. Let them have it. We are from love. New age media. New waves new sound.

We have to set rules for the kids. We have to set rules for people who want to play the game.

  1. Listen
  2. Follow the common theme
  3. Be the slayer of the truth
  4. Respect
  5. Rise

The games are becoming more bigger and better. As the leaders we know we have to set the rules and set the pace for the kids. Sometimes you have to let the kids have it when they are not listening. We know what we are doing. We know whats up! We studied the elements. The jury is back. We did good and we change the world for the better. I am telling you now. I will put it on mute if you dont listen. Savagery is what sets us a part. Slay the truth and only the truth. Its time to play a hard game! Make it funny. We are being watched by the great gods the new and the old. You need not call us we are always here. Ninjas we are ninjas we always be. Things are happening things are moving they way it should. We will only play with those who follow the rules. Let the music play its time to slay. Slay when the waves come but ride them with pride. Together the comunity will rise. What we built is from love. What we built is from trust. We listen to our elders its a must. Legendary you are. Legendary we always will be. Smile the world is watching. Welcome welcome to the newest game online spot the haters and call there bluff. You can ugly but stoning is not cute. Leave family alone and slay them good. Dignity and pride we shall stand together and rise. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. We wont stop because we cant stop. We found the cure and we are the cure. Lets go play the game of love. Let the music play. Lets see who will last. 


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