Ending the night wit love and together.

We end the night to another long day. In still here and he is still there. Reason of things that needs to be done first. Its hard but we keep pushing and keep swimming. Our plans have changed and things are getting done properly.

Happy days are here again. Happy nights are here to stay. Its moment like this that matter. Its moments like this that is part of life. Moments that matter is when we both decided in the real things. Life is nothing but a board game. It has rules it has thibgs involved. But much like kawakubo that we love. We dont look at the box we dont even aknowledge it. Boundaries yes we set it up but seriously snap out of it. We are not the norm and never will be. That is what the beauty of life. Decisions accepting and making moves when it matters. Hard day today. But atleaset we pushed on. This is queen and king of dynasty. Remembering what need not be and what need to be done. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Today is a day. Tommorow is the day of stars. Tommorow is stars stars stars.  Onoy for legit memebers of the club. Loves for all we are one. The has made the cast and thr community. Put your reading glasses on its time do this savage style.


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