Back to werk! Even when your sick you need to show up! We are just getting started! Shall we get on with the reading!

Savages we are and we will do whatever it takes to get to where we need to.  The way we hustle and the way we grind is different than the most. When people dont believe thats when we struggle. Its 2017 lets get on with the struggle. Different points of views. Different points of laughter. Dont be a drag just be a queen. Proving people and telling them there wrong and looking at them in the eye and saying you said what? Who said I cant? We have been to hell and back. Each day we get stronger. Each day we look at the past and move on faster than light. Its all about the light. Its all about showcasing people. We never wrote about others than we burned because that is a must. We took some people out who are rotten because it was a must. We have work to do. Yes we do yes we do. Hand in hand together we will rise to the top you will see. Changing up the game and jumbling it all up all over again. 

Today marks a new set of games. The rules of the game we already said yesterday. Follow the rules or we will put it on mute. We are faster than anyone out there. New wave new sound new life. We are changing it up. Stand proud and never say never. Line them up so we can see which ones to take. We know how to read and we will use it to our advantage. Good night good morning to all. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Let the games beggin. Slay everyone and leave family alone. Always and forver Cart3l dynasty.let the music play. We found the cure and we became the cure. Dony worry we wont stop! We were born this way. Yaaaaaaas until our next post feel the love. Embrace your powers. Feel it rise! Legends only. Byeee 


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