Sunday is funday. Sunday is hustle day. Slaying all the way to the top. If you want to know all you have to do is ask. The name of the game is talent show!


Its Sunday and I feel a little sick. Thanks to the journalist.  I am still here and he is still there and we are both working towards our goals. Its crazy how things have changed so much. We are happy for what we have received both the love and the projects that we are working on. We built a community and a company with love. That is the hardest thing ever. We are far away from our wanted goals. But that’s okay slowly but surely we will get to it no matter what. When you scream how happy you are the world wont be like that. We stopped looking at what other people has to say. Some are still naive and don’t listen to us. What can you do right! we cant cry over spilled milk. We cant cry over something that is not our control.  Say what you want do what you want. But we are new age media. New wave new sound . Now media has more than enough kind of magazines our there there. Ours is educational. This is how we talk to our kids to inspire them and to let them know hey guess what we will get to the top together. We all struggle some worst than others. But we have to be thankful on what we have. Knowing what needs to be changed and knowing what needs to be done is what we learned from our previous mistakes. Change is upon us. Change is good its how you embrace change. Its how you work towards the light even when darkness is there. We pat ourselves in the back on what we created.  Life is really beautiful life needs to be enjoyed. Even when you are down in life there is always a way. Its how you look at it. Its how you really dig deep. The game that we love now we play it with big influential people. Sharks as we call them. They are smiling at us which is what we love the most. Most people are scared to be a legend you must face everything and look them in the eye and say! Not today ciao Not today! Until our next post. Fell the love. We found the cure and we made ourselves be the cure. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Let the music play. Slay everyone but leave family alone. Be kind to one another.


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