Ending the night together. Preparing for another week of slaying. The love is real. What is NOT! PEOPLE. BE REAL! Be you! We can feel the fake in you. We only serve the realness.

You see the love that we have is real. The struggle is real. The whole thing is real that we talk to people. But thats not real for some. People dont listen. People are people and life is not fair. There are some who still dont believe. Thats okay we will prove them wrong. Its hard the whole thing. But we never said we were not going to stop. We keep on keeping on. We will get to where we need to. Slowley but surely we take things out of our list.  Our work load is much more. We got this though. Sometimes all you can do is really just keep going. Thats the sad truth. We are happy and we look at things the way we always had. We look at it a beautiful prespective. 

Life is not easy. Life you have to fight for your believes. We are surely doing that everyday. Why do you keep pushing? What is your whys? Our why is each other, family, and our now legendary children. When you cant do what you are suppose to be doing you find better things along the way. We have listened and we will keep continuing to listen. The milenia brings all that is great for children of the only world. You see that is a hard thing for some to swallow. People are so used to the old ways but we are not like that. We hustle and we take jobs like a hungry hungry hippo. We have the right amount of people behind us. We have the right amount of love. Love really does solve it all. You must evolve and must listen in order to get to greatness. Life is short live for the moments that matter. Live for the now and breath in the life. Look at whats happening around you and look at what needs to be change. Change for some is not good. Change is a scary thing just like the unknown. But what doesnt kill you make you stronger. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the music play its time to spread the love. Always and forevet cart3l dynasty. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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