a vission. If you are not reading it then you dont know. Reading is a must to be legendary.

Its sunday and here at cart3l is still a day of husting and slaying. We never ever stop we keep pushing on no mattter what. Its still tallent show. We will be sharing everything that everyone does. If you dont change or evolve with times then you are nothing like the same old boring people. We dont like boring people. We also dont like ignorance like we said in the past. The games are designed so we can see whats up and we can see how things need to work out. We will be adding new voices and new views shortly. But for now you get our love letters to each other. Our love letters to our team. Also our day to day life. Its hard when your partner in crime is all the way to the other side. Yes he is still there and im still here. We are dealing with the cards that was given to us by the gods the new and the old.
We talk to each other everyday so we can figure out our plans and how we will execute them.  Execution and planning is a must in order to make things work. Our grind is different than the rest. We made our mistakes and we took others out. Its better this way because those people really are the rotten ones. 

We still break chains and power on like there is no one out there. We are new age media and part of now media. Until our next post wait for the waves they will come. Stand proud do what you must. We built a company from love and then the community of love. We wont stop because we found the cure and we became the cure. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Let the music play. Its time to dance. Yaaas slay everyone and leave family alone. Until our next post feel the love.


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