Ending the night together. Cart3l is from love.


it was such a long day for me and him. I’m still here and he is still there. The love that we got from each other is the love that fuels this whole thing. We work hard harder than anyone else because we are the leaders of this pack.  We stand together in every aspect of what we do. We make the decision together. It’s harder to us than anyone else. But each day we become stronger and stronger. Our moves become bolder and wiser as the time comes. Our plans we tell now to just the perfect individuals that we fully trust . We are not dreamers we are not like anyone out there.  We struggle just like anyone out there. You have to keep pushing you have to better yourself and we know that.  We fight like hell and we fight with out words and our actions.  Now more than ever we don’t let anyone tell us or dictate to us. We know what needs to be done. We are focused and dedicated. the fight is just starting the fight has just h begun. Love is love and we want you to feel that anyone is possible in this world with the love that you find from someone and from the love that we have from our family. We won’t stop . Always and forced cart3l dynasty. Dream of our love. Let it be the cure for everyone. We are here for you. We are from love. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us.  Until our next post don’t be kind to one another.IMG_20170504_125255


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