Ohhh hello from the cart3ls. what is everyone up to. Did you have a good Saturday? extra extra read all about it. Life is beautiful. Smile we are changing the world together.

IMG_20170504_125255There is time for everything crying, laughing, living but there is always time for slaying. Yes we slayed the house down boots.  We are working on two different projects.  We  made the company and we are getting great reviews from everyone. Its Saturday family day. We spent the entire day together with family. Time and time again we keep saying that this is a family event. This is true. We are family here. Just like our favourite people in the business. We are your parents and listen to us. We know what we are doing. We get it though some people its hard.  Dig deep and really see what your talents are. There is enough lighting for everyone. Enough to showcase everyone talents. you must make a routine we made our routine from listening to the great gods.  Everyone can be a legend but we must only pick and choose great apples. Some apples are really rotten and we took them out for a reason. When you fear of something its all a perspective. Never fear the unknown,


Life is beautiful life you must enjoy what it gives you. Some you wont be able to understand what to do with it but later on in life you will ohhh yeah you can handle it.  we still have lots of work to do. But for today we did enough work. We still have more articles and more stories coming to you really shortly. We have the update on what we did yesterday. Let the music play its time to dance. Its time to  play the game. Its time to destroy what we already destroyed. We are the new age media. We are now media we have waves and we built a community from love. Hand in hand we will get to it together. We take the millennia seriously much has change and if you know something you know whats up. We have secrets and we will share them to everyone when they right time comes. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Slay everyone but leave family alone. Until our next post be king to one another.


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