Waves baby waves. Today its seems like its raining everywhere so lets make it count! Ready get set gooooooooooooo! Thank you to our small team! For lunch we serve love and thanks for everyone.

We would like to say thank you to our small team. We would also like to thank the individuals that stood for us and the companies that stood with us when we make our waves. New age media New waves. We built a community of love and for that we are thank full for our community and for that we are thank full for each and every single one of our family. We are patting our backs and we are thanking everyone. Flash back Friday to our early beginnings now people take us seriously now people are finally understand what we are doing. We are far away from what we have to accomplish and we know that its just going to get harder and harder. This is why we work over time and we hustle like there is no tomorrow. The only difference is we know what we made mistakes on the first time we did it and we fixed and we took out people that didn’t do anything for us. The games we love and play with the sharks are getting bigger and bigger. We love that each and ever single one of the sharks are smiling on us. Loyalty and trust is what we look for. We built a company we built a community and now we know what our powers are and what we have to do. We all have our paths in life this is ours for the time being. We are focused and we wont stop chasing and fighting for our dreams. We are the new age media.

Filled with articles filled with love. We write about our struggles we write about our love. Not everyone can understand what we are doing not everyone will get it and we are okay with that. Not everyone is a legend not everyone can rise to the occasion. This is why we focus on sharing the light that was given to us by new and the old gods. Sharing is caring here at cart3lfromlove.com We have other news this is the way we communicate with our kids and the ones that will change the world just like us. We patiently wait.  We are ninjas we are stealthy we evolve and we change like our company. The world is filled with negative individuals and that is one other aspect that fuel us. To change the world with love you must battle the elements you must fight like there is no tomorrow. Nature is behind us we listen and then we write it all down. We are allergic to ignorance. Education is key and we educate everyone about our love. We are educators high breeds we take different shapes and change as the future moves. Artists we are and artist are emotional beings.  You must feel everything to become great. We will never stop because we found the cure and we became the cure. Secrets are better than gold for us. We don’t share them to anyone anymore. We are careful who to share certain things to. We cant stop and we wont stop. The climb is what we love.  If you cant love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else. Its time to dance its time to fight. Slay everyone and leave family alone. Always and forever Cart3l Dynasty.


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