Thank you Lululemon for embracing us. Here is our favourite items from this great brand. Health is wealth.

Yesterday was such a great day for me him and our kids. Me the mother went to the headquarters of Lululemon and the place was amazing.  I will go in to detail about the head office later on another post. The great Iconic yoga brand who is known for the technical fabric, yoga and fitness gear embraced us and it felt amazing to beloved by a great brand.  We cant wait to start creating and working for this great brand.  I am local I was raised in the west where this great brand was first established. Founded in 1998 and there mission Creating component for people to live long, healthy and fun lives. We believe in the same mission as the great brand. Health is wealth and if we don’t take care of ourselves then you wont be able to live trough the changes of the world and its amazing transformation. Clothing makes you feel good working out. Just like these items that we love from the Iconic brand.

 You buy our favourite items here and follow them around on there  Facebook.

Thank you from me Calvin and our now Legendary children. Let the music play. Its time to dance. Be kind to one another. Always and forever Cart3l dyansty.


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