Whats for dinner? our words. Eat it like cake. We love cake here at cart3lfromlove.com. Serving for the community. We are all hungry and so are we!


Our theme is from vintage drag during the 90’s If you haven’t seen Paris is burning Ciao please don’t sleep on it.  Our words are different, our love is different. We all have our paths in life this is ours. We talked to people in our own ways. We know what our strengths are and our weaknesses. You see reading is basically bashing someone with out saying it. In the world of the drag its different they are people of the underground. They are people though in the end they bleed just like everyone else. But the best thing about them is they can laugh at themselves. Comics we are. Comics in a different wave. Comics are smart individuals and drag queens are the same thing. They act sing and dance just like us. We live our truth and we live in the now. Its hard it’s a hard knock life for us. But we choose not too look at it that way. We focus on what needs to be done and move by the wind. We are ninjas we show ourselves when we need to but disappear faster like there is no one out there.  Times are changing and things are getting done behind the doors. Queens have the art down. Queens know what we are talking about. Don’t be a drag just be a queen. Don’t ruin the game we love. Like it matters in the end. When people chirp and say things calmness is how you should react. In the verge of drama class we seek. We live our truth we love the grind and we are the new age media. New age new wave but same love. Cart3lfromlove.com is shaping things the way we want. We talked to individuals the way we want. We listen and wait then we pounce. We are the leaders of this we made it already. Its been done and its been made for the longest time. Nature is in our side.


But people wont learn and listen from us. Self care and self made we are. It took us a long way to finally see how things are. Patience is given to people when the time calls for it. We broke chains and we burned bridges for a reason. We only write about what we love. We only write about things that has a meaning for us and our now legendary children. Hold on the games is never done we just don’t play it with everyone. Bitter is what people are as bitter as we were.  Fight for what you believe in. Scream shout and we will shed light to you guys. That’ all we have and that all we can give. We are the chosen ones and people look at us and wait for us. We dictate the pace. Enjoy life for what it is. We left the baggage and the ugly behind. The rest is our truth. The rest is our our love.  We change things up you must do the same. You must not suck the life out of love. He is still there and I am still here. We hustle we are fighters and we never stop. Psychobabble this is for the intellectual just like the drag queens and comic we love. Let the music play. We found the cure and we are the cure. Always and forever until our next post Cart3l dynasty. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all


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