We not only built a company of love. We built a community of love. We are not your competition we are your ally. Building with love.


You see time and time again more people open there eyes. More people see who we influenced and today we are humbled by those who quoted us. Who used our talents.There are still some who don’t believe it. But that’y okay time and time again we prove people wrong. More and more people stand up for the battle of love.  We found and we became the cure. Yes I am still here and he is still there we are doing more than what other companies do. We are part of the new media. Now media but the difference is we have love notes and we have articles. Some people like to put hate out there. We get it sometimes we do disrupt the peace. But sometimes you really have to or else people will put you down. When you scream of what you have the world changes. If you scream what you the world will help. The game that we love people are finally understanding how we communicate.  You will get it eventually when you look at the whole thing in a perspective if you don’t then you are not a legend yet. We made promises to keep. We told our secrets to some who are keeping them for us. That is loyalty that is love. A lot we had to let go because of them not believing on us. We believe in the electric powers that we have. We believe in the waves that we give. Most of you guys answer and even open your arms towards us and our now legendary children. That is enough for us. That is enough that you wait for us. That is enough that you stand up when we stand up. You see the game that we has so much people playing it now. We have sacrificed enough of our selves this whole thing is hard work and we knew what we were getting ourselves into. We are just happy. Life should be fun even when you cant you must push trough. This is what we are all about. We are about celebration and we are about love. We will never change because you know us now. Each day we get stronger and our moves become more and more powerful. We choose to not say things and that paid off. We choose to not let society say no to us. You must be brave in order to change the world. We are here for everyone. We are here to change the individuals of the internet world that are really full of hate. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. Let the music play. What ever you are going trough in life always know that its going to be okay believe in yourself.  Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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