Oh lets go on with it. Happy may the 4th. Happy hunger games and May the force be with us all. Lets open the library and read this people to filth.


Another day another reading session. Another day to open the library. As the day goes by more and more people comment as if they matter in our lives well you know what we say to that exit please stage left. We got stuff do. When you entertain people that don’t matter you kinda need to give them the 5 gs Good God Girl Get A Grip! Its all part of the game. Its all part of it. When your minding your own business that’s when the parrots talk. Birds of the feather flock together. If you don’t understand what we are doing then you are not legendary. If you think making a comment will do anything to us well its been far to much drama on life on its on.  Remember I made my name from reading. I made my name from letting everyone have it. I live by the rules of the street. I am good at what I do and time and time again We rise. Rising has its different meaning most people are talented they already have things in there mind. Most people have a vision on how they make things as an artist. I am an artist I can paint, act write and many more just like him. He has a different kind of talents but the one thing I love more than anything in the world is his brain. Not everyone is smart and not everyone has the same brain. Ignorance is something we cant deal with. We really cant.  We have to let you know that we do count strikes. Don’t play with your food. Specially the once that are helping you. This is not directly to go with one person. If you don’t believe in the powers that is given to you then its not going to work. This was said by a great god. The great gods the new and the old have more than just used our words they are playing the game that we love. Its so much fun now when you live you inhibitions behind. Today is another day for standing up and fighting for your dreams and fighting for love. Stand with me and him and dance or song of love. Let the music play Happy Hunger games and may the force be with us all. Always and forever Cart3l Dynasty.


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