Waves and even more love. Its been awhile my friends its time to update you guys.

We got the go on one other thing that we have been waiting for. Its a small thing but you know we count our blessings. We count the amount of love that we get. We write them all down. Im working right now and we havent had time to sit down and finally check on our kids. Lets talk the way its been working show the world what we are abouy get up and stand up let your point of views be showed. We are doing tge neccesary changes and neccesary things BTS. So much better now because people are showing there real colors. Projects are more important. Planning has been made. We are taking all jobs that is given to us. Changing what needs to be changed. Never say never moving on from negativity. 

We are a comunnity now more than ever. We are part of the now media. But we have waves, stories and articles. We are more than new age media. We are the new frontier. Our outlets are different. Our words are different. Our content is different. We work for the same companies that we have listed before there not our enemies they are our friends. Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer harry. Learn and listen from us. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. 


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