There is a time for peace, a time for silences, a time for jokes and a time to stand up. But there is always a time for slaying. Slaying is the new living. What do you make time for?


Time is something that everyone keeps saying that is important. I am still here and he is still there. We know what we are because we made our selves. They call it safe made in the streets. We are happy for what we get. We are always great full on how people respond to us. Some of them are harsh and we make time to contemplate why they said those things. But when we call Becky with the good hair. She lets us know we are not sorry. We work online as we take any-job we can. We hustles and slayers of the truth. We only slay what we can, slaying is hard slaying takes a lot of effort and a lot of work. But like we said we knew what we got ourselves into. We are happy, living and dancing next to the gods. We love a good fight for love. We love the climb we push towards it. We push towards our goals with dignity and grace.  We are childish but we are grown. Me and him are the ones who are behind this. We make plans and we do them. Bullied by name calling by individuals that don’t matter we look at them and smile. We are fluent in reading. Reading is fundamental. But we know who we are and that is more than enough for us and our family. We don’t take our life for granted. The people that took us here and the people that we make time for. We are family here. We are from love here. We use our words we use our images that we take. We dream while the rest is playing. We change it up when we have to. We talk about events that are part of our life. We talk the way we want. Society will break you. Society will tell you what you cant this is why you need to be strong. You need to only fight battles when you can. We are vague because we choose to be vague. We play the game better than anyone out there because we don’t let the negativity in. We look at everyday me and him as a learning experience. We reach for what we can at the current moment. We put a pin on things because that’s what we need to do.  Family comes first. Slay anyone but leave family alone.


We dream for a perfect world but we know what we made for ourselves is the perfect world. World we made with our hands and brain. Filled with Lego and Paste. We are builders we create. Creativity always win in every work aspect. Creativity is what we look for. Its what we created. A community for everyone to enjoy. We have different kinds of kids. We have different kinds of leaders. We work for all of these companies. We contribute to all of these platforms. We are not dreamers. We are creators. Its hard to be dubbed as chosen ones. We will get to where we need to in life because we make it a plan to check our work when its needed. The people that check us and the ones who we look up to. The ones who check us are the ones who we surround ourselves with. Happiness is not the same with bliss. Ignorance is one thing we hate.  Compliance is something we look as a perspective.  Slayers of the truth we are. ALL T ALL SHADE. Learning is simple. Life is simple you need to look at it as a happy place of learning. The world that we love and the game we love evolved to the community that we not only planned and dreamed of we also executed the whole thing. Line them up. Line the whole range and we will take each and every single one. We are the new age media. New age wave is what we call it. Walls we built with love. Love that we both received from everyone and from ourselves. we sing and dance but one dance is our favourite one. We let nature take us. We don’t pull out of a fight just like that. We deliver and serve. Stand proud if you are dubbed. Live your truth. Let the love transform you.  Wizards and witches we believe in.  we don’t cheer for the bad side. We only live our truth. We only choose the goods apples. We showcase them when we have to. Leave now and never come back if you are negative. We don’t scroll anymore. We keep working we keep slaying. We write it down and we wait as we hide ourselves back to the world we created. Most of the people know because we made them know.


 Times are changing and the millennia opens everything for us. Sharing is caring so we share secrets that are gold. We have been digging lately. We have been searching hard gold is still in the archives. Repeat Repeat because we choose to repeat as we talk to everyone.  we communicate like high breeds and new born. Born to dominate the game that we created. We are puzzled by some but then they always comeback. Greatness is all in us. Loyalty and trust we give to only a fair few. Dreaming is part of living and slaying. Change it up don’t let them catch it. Don’t let them catch it don’t let them take it. Its ours mine his and yours. Only send a signal like we use to do. Bloom is the new summer. Summer of flowers and colours. Blue, pink and blacks are the trend colours. But we dress for everyone in our own way. Originality and diversity we have in the bag. Wait for the waves they will come when they need to come. Tip the gods of music, fashion, art and pop. All in all in one. Let the music play happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Hand in hand together. Until our next post always and forever Cart3l dynasty. New age new wave lets own it its ours. Move its time to tip.  P.S if we hurt you these are just words just slaying! LOL


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