My name is Jasmine masters no wait my name is Richard John T Talay Rose Cart3l and I have something to say. We are from love. what does your morning routine look like? Changing the world with love ultra love.


Waking up to nice messages is so nice.  He wakes me up every single day to get my day started. what does your morning routine look like? what do you do in the morning? Here is our morning routine.

  1. We update each other with our plans
  2. We check our social media
  3. We start the day
  4. we make a todo list
  5. we get our fitness on
  6. we check off each and everything that is on our list for the day.
  7. we end the
  8. night with love

You see as hustlers online we hustle like there is no tomorrow. We check what our leaders has to say. Then we see what’s happening out there.  Then we check and see which topics we want to touch base on. Then we decided. Online world is different that a regular 9-5 job your world never stops.  Work is different than anything else. Your job is to not just entertain people but to also change it up every now and then. We are killing the game we love.  Being the newest ones out there we have to make sure that we dictate the pace.  we have to make sure to keep up with the rest but still staying true to ourselves.


Changing the world with positive energy is the hard and it will just keep getting harder. We are prepared for that. We know what our responsibilities are. We know what we have to do this is why we keep focus each and everyday. We focus on our goals and our roles in the society. Evolving and revolving ourselves to technology is another hard thing. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to get drifted with technology. You should go outside. Be with nature. Nature has a voice you know! She is by our side and we wait for what she has to say before we attack. We are one with nature. The gods the new and the old is more than smiling on us they are playing the game of love with us. We will never change because this is what we are. We will never stop because this is what we love. Patience live inside of you sometimes its hard for it to come out but eventually it does. Words we have and our talents have been used by the great ones. That is enough for us. Knowing what’s enough and knowing what you cant handle is another key in life. Perspective is an illusion.  Every one has a choice every ones has a different view. This is why we surround ourselves with only positive people. Lets get this day started. Let the music play. we are the cure we are the newest kind of Now media out there filled with articles filled with amazing love notes and letters. Let the games begin happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.  Always and forever Cart3l dynasty.


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