Its time to serve when its started. When he won as president. When he won things changed for us. Things change for me and him. Our political views and family views. We are known now as the slayer of truth.


Our company is privately owned by me and him. We own the rights for our company. We are both hardworking individuals. We both work hard we set our goals higher and higher everyday for us and our family. We work together in this struggle. We work with individuals who are now we call our legendary children. People from vogue all the way to ford has quoted us and used our words but what do we stand for? We stand for equality to love our chosen ones.  He choose me and I choose him.  we are known now more than ever in the world as slayers of the truth. But when did it really start for us? when did it really start for us to finally stand up for something. We live in Canada where there is freedom to do what we want. America the land where everyone looks up to. When the shooting happened it wasn’t just scary for me and him its was scary for everyone else. When we heard the news we couldn’t even see why people would do such hate full crime on people who are just like us. We are not the norm and will never be the norm. When he won as the president he who must not be named. Things changed we saw how fucked up people are. We saw that what we think matters. We matter we all do. Our lives are a gift. We fight for those who are  just like us. We fight for ourselves we fight like there is no tomorrow. We are drowning but we don’t show you how we are drowning. You see in the online world no one really knows anything until you tell them. That is power. Privacy is power. Changing peoples lives matter. We are the leaders of this pack. If we look like we are unselfish individuals or we are privileged. Guess what we are not. We work towards are independence. We work towards our life. This magazine is not just a magazine anymore this is work for me and him. We slowly but surely fix the things that must be fixed. He is still there and I’m still here. Its hard and its just gonna get harder. We both know what we got ourselves into. We accepted the power that was given to us. We accept that life isn’t fair. No one will work for your dreams. We work for our dreams and our future. We plan and when execute every single thing. We are perfectionist and we are what we made ourselves. We use words like there is no one out there. Our content is different from the rest because we make it our role to be different.  Power is power but knowledge is power more than anything in this world. We are both educated individuals who was raised right by our parents. We bring life to the world that we love. We are children of the internet world. We hustle like you have never seen before. We talk to people who we call our friends online trough our images. They respound to us.  It may not look like we are not busy but we are. We have work that is crazy. We set our priorities different. We want to change the world with our views and the way we talk. The society and people in general will tell you other things like oh you should be doing this and you should be doing that. Well you know what we are all different. Platforms are all different.  We portray a different role in the society. The tallents that was given to us and the talent’s that we accumulated by living by the rules of streets that we love is what got us here. We are shape shifters and by the promises that we have for each other and that we made for each other is really why we are so fearless.  We look at the world in a different perspective we look at it in a sense of living. We are both shocked by the amount of love that is given to us. We rise properly in the society. We patiently wait for when to strike and when to let us know what to say.


Each day we get stronger and stronger and our community get stronger and stronger each day.  we add more value to us by adding individuals who are just like us. We shine the light to those who doesn’t have any. We made the light go towards us. This is why we made the waves to showcase other people. Comment don’t do anything to us anymore. It actually fuels us. It fuels us to shut them off by rising with our power. Status is a joke that we say to us when we have done something so unbelievable. Status is given and status is used with pride and honor.  I for one never think it a billion years that I will ever talk political. That’s not my style that not my gig. But sometimes you must do things that you fear in order for you to grow.  we believe that leaders must take notes from kids and the changing times of the millennia. We believe that children are the future of the society. This is why we embrace our inner child like. This is why we love what we do. This is what we are we are the future of new age media.  We made things different ways we jumbled it up and we pushed forward for diversity and for the community that we built. How to feel like a legend is what’s inside of you. How to rise when no one else believes is what we achieve by writing our feelings. We believe in what we created and we believe in the future that’s is going to change not just us but everyone’s. All you have to do is keep on keeping on, keep standing up, Keep fighting with us,  Keep changing and keep evolving. Listen to what we say and listen to the topics that we shed light into. Not everyone will think the same as we do that is what makes humanity beautiful. Good night and good morning. Lets the music play. Let the love that we have for each other transcend to your bones. Xie xie and salamat from me and him and our now legendary children. The game are always going to be here. The games is what we are great at. We stopped playing with individuals that are now we call the ugly. Block the ugly block the negative energy. Learn how too live with the crazy in you. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all.


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