What happens in the water cooler can come out of the water cooler duh! We made the company. Me and him and we are the game changer. Funny how that worked out don’t play us We are from love. Our playbook is solid we are fluent at reading.

20170427_151530You see some people are still playing us me and him as fools well guess what if you do play us like fools then you end up being a fool. I am the great at reading walls and Trust and believe I will shut it down. Trust and believe that people are quoting us me and him. Trust and believe that I did burn bridges and I will do it again. We talk everyday and when people play us like fools we kind of just go meh! We move on like there is no tomorrow. We have moved on from our life of sadness and we just accepted what we life has given us but we don’t make follow the rules we bend them to our needs. People can say what ever they want but at the end of the day we are happy. We are both hard working individuals and we are both focused like ford focus. We only write about people that we love and people who stood for us. We made the games so everyone can see what we really are. Also to shine line for the people that’s in our team. The light is on us and the light is more than enough for everyone. You see vagueness is where its at online. You don’t spill all the T until someone plays dirty. Shenanigan and shade to those who are playing dirty. To those who are try to be cute and act like as if they can hurt us. We are the game changer me and him. We make the rules for ourselves and we really a great at the game. We are humbled by the people that we surround ourselves with. Take it you got hurt but what we said? take it your got scared on what we said well then go cry to your mommy. Our parents are behind us. Our friends are our contributors as well. We didn’t come here to play winey oh winey. We came here to Rise and we do rise everyday the only difference between you and us. We evolve we are shape shifters we can change we can react better and faster. Reactions and fights are being done behind everyone. That’s where the fight is in the archives were people are stoning other for being different. Well guess what we are the norm and we will never be the norm because who really wants to be the norm. IF you let society dictate what you have to say then you are truly as boring as the rest of them.


Look at how people play the game they change it up they adapt to it. Tipping is a known fact in the industry. Some will get shady when you don’t tip them. Well guess what did you do something worth being tipped? nope did you message these people? nope we did. Did you make moves like we did nope. We are playing the game just like everyone else is.  We are embraced by the great gods the new and the old. This is where we are shocked everyday. We are shocked that our favorite game tag your it is being played by great gods. We wont name them but if you look at who influence and who we changed and who really plays the game the best and quote us that is pure power. Power is power and its given to us. We have class and dignity. Some times it may start with a K but most of the time we really step up our game. We are known now as the slayers of the truth. We are known for being a savage. Toronto does something to you when you live by the rules of the streets the make you stronger and wiser and more wittier. If you ain’t Laughing then you ain’t living. Word of advise play smart and don’t let it get to your head. Smile and dream for something bigger. Life is nothing but a huge puzzle you need to be patient and wait. You need to strike strong. Let the music play. Cart3lfromlove.com is filled with letter, Notes and articles and we are the new age media. We are the cart3ls. Always and forever cart3l dynasty.


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