Good morning world. The games is where its at. We are good at games. TWO against the world. Keep on keeping on.


The power of two.

Truth be told is the main people running the show is two people. Me and him and we are planning not just a company here we are planning a life together. He wakes me up everyday to get my day started. We designed our company as a mobile company for one reason and one reason alone its to be together with our love ones all the time. We have 4 hubs Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. We figured before we travel all over the world for great art, fashion and life in general we want to see what our country is all about. What we have for you for now is our love notes to each other. I am still here and he is still there and we are happy together just the way it is. But ciao its hard and its just going to keep getting harder but you know what we keep swimming. We keep swimming so we can be with each other soon. We are still working on our main hub but our team is all over the world.  Our contributors are now what we call our legendary children. We are talking to so many people and now more than ever its a waiting game for all of us. We find peace and hope from each other and from our families that are invested in us. A lot has changed and a lot has been done the way it should have been in the beginning not so public. We learn from our mistakes and we learn each and everyday. We all have struggles we are here to inspire everyone that love is the answer. Love has different names my love for him is not the same as the love I have for our party monster prince. But its all love. is more than just a magazine it has stories of hope and struggles and articles of what we love. You wanna know our team? check out our walls. Wanna know about our plans? email me at, or cart3lfromlove@gmail.coom. More and more people are getting involved which we are so happy. We are finally getting quoted by the top people in the world. People are people when you rejoice and when you start making a noise they will nothing but drag you down. Don’t be a drag just be a queen. Live to learn and live your truth. For those who are not patient enough well you know what that doesn’t matter. Comment’s don’t do anything to us anymore. We do what it has to take. We are both focused on our own tasks. This is why we made the game to see who can last and who will last. Gold is found in archives. Found in the places that you need to dig deep for them. Buried underneath letters from the millennia. Today we have lots of updates and lots of waves for everyone.  We wont tell you when. They will come and go. We are being watched by the great gods.  Learn to do something for yourself and love yourself everyday. What fuels us is the love that we have for each other and the love that we get from everyone else. So good morning and have fun play. Play the game of love. One rule is to only respect our decision and respect what we created if not ill put a mute on it. We are savages and we are more than just hungry. Let the music play  and may the force be with is all. Happy hunting always and forever cart3l dynasty.


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