Ending the night with love and goodbye. Bye girl Bye thanks for playing the game of love. Cart3lfromlove.com We are happy. Haters and hating that means your doing something good.


Ending the night with so much love from me and Calvin. As expected there are more and more people hating and more and more people getting into it. Well you know what we knew that we have predicted that as well. But much has changed and we found more solutions on our own. We are truly blessed and truly honored to be the chosen one some might say oh the just Bull shitters and all they do is this and that but we serve you with different things everyday to come you on your toes. To keep you on check. Time and time again we know how others play the cards. Some will play them really nasty just like what we saw today. Some will even you know try to beat you in the game that you created. But you get what you put out other and we give love. We may read you from time to time but we learned that from the streets. We all have different purposes in life and this is our purpose. We wont stop because we know what we are doing. We know where to go. Time and time again we prove everyone wrong. Time and time again we prove everyone ohhh yeah you can do this in a different way. We wait and we are patiently waiting but we dot just wait we make moves and options as we wait. Life sucks and life is not fair. But you can choose to look at it in a perspective. The choice is always yours. We are family here and its a family affair. We can do more than other things we just don’t show you how we do it anymore Because everything needs to be done under everyone. When you scream how happy you are and change the world with positive energy. No matter what you do people wont listen to you.  You have to let everyone have it every now and then.


Its fine people have there own views. We all have our views in life.  We all struggle in our own way. But its the way you do things. Its the way you fight. No one will give you anything in this world no one. You need to fight your own battles. You need to push trough even when its hard for you to push trough. Stand up let everyone know your views. Let everyone shear you. Scream from the mountains. Scream harder each and everyday. Don’t let the voices inside your head win. Don’t let anyone else win. You have let yourself win. You can do this. You need to believe in yourself and face forward. Our talents have been used. More and more people talk to us and more and more people play the game. The game that we truly love. We will never change and we will never ever stop. We are the cure and we are here for you. We are here for every single one out there that is different. We will inspire you that no matter what you go trough in life you will succeed if you put your whole powers into it. The name of the game is tag your it. The waves are to showcase those who cant and those who don’t have a voice. Opinions don’t matter anymore to us. Opinions are just opinions if you let them in you then they will win. Cart3lfromnlove.com always and forever cart3ldynasty. Let the music play its time to dance.


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