About yesterday. Keeping up with the times. Keeping up with life. Keep on keeping

Well you know its first monday in may and it was amazing. But while thats going on we did our own maintenance to ourselves. You have to take care of yourself first. No one else will do that but you. If you feel good then you look good. Its all in the way you feel about yourself. Sometimes you need to pump youself out. We are moving on from the baggage and our plans are moving into the right direction. Here its what we found that we love here. 

Ohh hello there esprit. Just like that.

Fenty by rihanna ohhhh 

Hello urban decay whats up? 

Hello journalist

This one cut her hair. 

So did I. 

But we also found carbs 

I was double bagging it last night

Finally shes back. You know what I mean when you just got a haircut and it feels great. You see moves are being done. We got two more great emails today. But like always we will keep that to ourselves. Secrets are what we have. Secrets are worth alot in this industry. You cant say it all. You just need to push and push anf keep swimming with the big sharks. Until our next post inspire the uninspired always and forever cart3l dynasty. 


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