The art of drag. The art of fashion. The art of love.

Cart3l is the name of our company. Its a mobile company. We stick our talents and what is given to us by our parents. We may not be the norm but we are the future of new age media. We have articles and we have love letters. Our now legendary kids are part of the game of love. We make the waves and we are the game changers. We move mountains we make it rain like there is no tomorrow. Knowing you purpose and knowing what you were born to do in life is a must.

Time and time again people test us on what we are capable of. Time and time again we prove to you that all you need to do is keep on keeping on. Keep on breaking what needs to be broken. Standing up for people like us. Standing up for diversity. We have evaluated and changed the way we see the light. You see all of the ones that we let go we were fair and we were just. Its business we only speak our truth. We only work for people that gave us love.  Who stood by us and who were loyal to us.  We have secrets and that is staying with in family. Our world has gotten so bigger. The world really is filled with ugly people. Be we are not here to stone them. We are only here to slay the truth and nothing but the truth. The whole theme is from drag, not even just drag its from vintage drag. Fashion is part of life you need to enjoy clothes and not be scared of it. Clothes must be worn with no rules. The millennia is smiling on us. The Millennia is opening more and more doors for us. We will take every job we will take everything and we wont stop. I am the publicist of this company. We built this together. is about celebration. Do you and the rest will follow. Yes we changed the world again with our positive powers. Thank you from me and him. Let the music play. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty.


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