Our favourite looks from the MET BALL. Why are you playing? They did good! Just slaying Its a Look Duh!

Tonight is the first Monday of may there were so many looks that was amazing but that ones that stood out for us are the game changers. The ones that made bold choices. The ones that made a statements. The ones that were not the norm and the ones that had planning and had art all over it. Some of the people are just so annoying with the way the comment about fashion its an art. We are a savage and we know where beauty is from. Here are the most beautiful looks that we have seen

We are giving everyone a round of a applause because it does take nerve to serve and slay a look. ¬†Styling and wearing clothes is truly an art form. The night is still young. We still have more news and more articles for everyone. It was mind blowing how many great artist and great looks. You don’t know how much work they put into this and bravo you guys all look great tonight. Its time to dance and its time to slay. We are the cure and we are owning the new age media. We have stories, we have articles and we have love. Cart3lfromlove.com. Let the music play.


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