Our favorite game is the game of thrones. Its time for you to upgrade us. There is more than one miracle in our playbook. We are glad to be a part of your team. The blooms have blossomed. Its the first Monday of May.


Cart3fromlove.com is about empowering people. Its about standing up for your believes and standing for what is yours. We have characters we stories and we blend them all in one pot. A pot that we have been saving for the storm that is coming. You see we are known to be the slayers of the truth now.  We are known for what we have burned. Toronto has taught me to be a savage.  He reminds me of that everyday. In the game of thrones there is queen. I am the queen of the dynasty and first of my name. He is my king and he is my partner. We are just getting started our reign has begun.  You see she had dragons and I have kids. Kids that more than just breath fire. Kids who are now known as legendary children. Children of the wild children who cant be controlled and we must control. We are with nature and we are one in peace. The gods the new and the old who are smiling on us are pushing us closer and closer to our dreams. The black book I showcased for a reason. We took the bad apples away and the leaders that didn’t stand for lady liberty and love. These are just words and if you get hurt that means we affected you with our electric power. We are the biggest influencers out there its because we use love. See how many companies stood by us . Who promised there elegance.  Words of wisdom from the greats. There is gold in old emails and connections.  We are the chosen ones and those words and those posts are for us. Our words have been used and our talents has been showcased. My Name is Richard John Chox T Talay and I’m the evolving queen.

We are both focused on our tasks. His name is Calvin Cart3l and he is my partner in all of this. The most intelligent one. Together hand in hand we will head to the top. Mark my words She wrote for everyone. I wait to strike. I wait when its right to make the waves. Signed sealed and delivered. Its time to dance. BE kind to one another. Happy hunger games and may the force be with us all. Let the music play. Wait for the waves it will come. Ride them with strength and force of nature. We are the cure because some one gave us a pep.





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