His eyes My eyes and our families eyes. More hard hitting questions for the great gods who listen to us. We are owning the new age media. Cart3lfromlove.com


My eyes and his eyes are one.  We believe he believes we wait and then we fight. Writing is an art form much like life and fashion. When it comes to clothing miss and match like there is no tomorrow. Today is another day that breaths new energy and new life. We Asked about art, shows and music. Tonight we ask the question of value. What is the value of art or a creation? We know what we are and we know what our plans are. We know what our value is. We already priced ourselves with pride, love and dignity. Now that the world is listening to us. Now that the world is waiting for our drops and how we inspire the uninspired. It took a long time to figure out how to use our powers and how to use them that most will understand. We built the dynasty the wrong way in the beginning and now we changed that.

Now we believed that we are putting our best foot forward for those who are listening to us. Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil the say to us. Humbled by our early beginnings we are. You see each day we educate and evolve and revolve our life in our playground. The online world. We are strategist me and him. I know how to read walls and I know how to look at social media as a game. When others told us we are to much we did burn some. The best thing in life is blocking the ugly. Elevate and graduate with us.  Playing on words and playing on what we know is best for us. The world is filled with noises from every individual out there. Scare them all scare them once and they will all come running to you a at once. Let it be known that we do count strikes and let it be known that loyalty is a must. We all have our struggles in life but its really how you look at it. How you look at the problem. You have 3 choices I believe Laugh, Cry and smile. He is an artist much like me. But its his vision of life that I love the most. We have a vision of the future. We have a vision on how life should be. Eternally Glory lives in your soul. Cart3lfromlove.com is our love letters to the world. Each day we inspire the uninspired. Each day we brake the boundaries and chains. We only write about what we love. We only write about who we are and we only slay the truth. The truth shall will out. Slayers tomorrow we will make it rain again. If you know what to do the then great your a legend. If you know what too say then great voice it out and we will share. The final evolution of the company is an educational one. Everyone has platforms everyone has different views on how they want to be viewed. What set us apart us ourselves. What sets us apart is our values. We are part of the new age media now. Ours has a little bit more sass for your nerve. Ours has queens, and king ours has stories and ours has life. We are the leaders of this pack. We will shut it down when someone speaks ill on something we stand for. Political views we stand for the people. We stand for equality and rights. We stand for love. The more you see who we influence the more you see who quote us and who uses our talents the more you will see the light. Goodnight my sweet one. Goodnight and Good morning to the world. Happy hunting. Tomorrow is the new hunger games. More faster more fiercer and more life. We love the one dance,


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