BTS is where it is! Ending the night with love from Vogue and the met gala. The messages that we received thank you. We get pick the good ones only.


Today was a long and exhausting day we talked about the met gala. But today my world and his world has changed with the messages that we received we are taking it. The other one is playing but the other one wants it more than the other. Its funny how still people are naïve enough that we are not playing to our strength you know what we say to that meh! we have been quoted and we have been used with our talents and we get to pick who we want from here end. Times are changing and being independent is good but representation is a must. We are ending the night with so much love and the future of how we play the game, We are the game changers. You see in todays met looks the people that were not boring stand out and the people who changed there game and they didn’t let the world dictate there moves is where its at. Don’t be boring don’t be basic. Play with your own strengths. Watch out for the waves we will giving it you guys. But we wont tell you when it comes. Ride them with pride and only be the slayer of truth. But its time to rest and get our night settled. Will be tipping the looks soon and will be playing the game with love. Always and forever cart3l dynasty, Don’t worry we wont stop.


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