About yesterday.

Yesterday the success that we had is we finally found a store who will host our vintage jewelry. Yaaaaaas I cant wait to show you guys soon. But for now things are being done properly. Things are being done BTS.

So for today here is what we have seen yesterday. 

There is such cool interesting things here in vancouver. Well this is actually in New West. Such great stores and so much art everywhere.

Just by walking down and enjoying a beautiful day outside you get to be inspired again. 

This bridal shop asked me to take my shoes off. 

There is much history here. We love history and we love stories. 

Vintage buildings we love. 

This ia what I wore yesterday. So much has changed in our plans. So much moves has happend. We are so happy for what we have created and what we have done. 

While he is still there and im still here. We are checking each and every check on our checklist. We are a team. Love is what brings fire to this company. Love is what will take us to the end.  We make our dreams in to reality and options we have more than 6 planned on every single thing. Dont be naive people we know how to fight. Cart3lfromlove.com is the new age media. As the mother I have 9 jobs. We are go getters and we wont stop. 

Its time to fly, its time to dream bigger than ever. Cart3l is here to prove everyone wrong. Cart3l is here and ready for your needs. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty. 


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