When you know you know. Revaluation of our family values. Cart3lfromlove.com is a family event for me and him.


Hello for lunch we are serving you with family gratitude and respect. We are typing this whole thing together. You see Sunday is a time to spend with family. Sunday is for rest day. But we are the newest in the game and we hustle and hustle like how the streets have told us to do. I am from the west the land of relaxed living. He is from the east the land of no stopping. We are both raised by our families right and we also raised ourselves. Here at car3lfromlove.com its a family event. Our dreams of taking our parents to events that will make them proud of us is how we cope with our struggles. Views and opinions hurt but its how you take criticism and rise on top of the rest while still not loosing an inch of who you are is what legends do. We are known now for only slaying the truth. We are know now as a temple for individuality. We are known now for our love notes and articles that inspire individuals like us and how there is hope. We know what our plans are and we are happy with that. We will see each other soon. But for lunch/ brunch we are serving you another promise. A promise to be humble and to keep helping people to get to the top. We keep our promises here. We are finally settling in to our ideas and how they can be sold. We are also finally realising our potentials and what we have to do in order to keep swimming with the big sharks. The gods the new and from the old are smiling on us on how we created the whole thing. It will take time and we have asked for helped from the best of the best from the industry. You see we have made waves for everyone so you know who we are talking to. Secrets we are keeping to ourselves because we made a mistake in telling it to some that don’t matter. Time and time again loyalty is being given to us by our team. For that we are happy and great full. We stand proud on what we have created and what we have done to get here. Today we are patting our backs for the small victories that we have received and for the companies that stood by us for love. Thank you, xie xie and salamat. Until our next post we are the cure, inspire the uninspired and keeping breaking the chains. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty.


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