Sunday is Funday Sunday is Family Day. Grind while they rest. Study when the party.


Thank you so much for all the love that we have been receiving. Yes I am still here and he is still there. we are happy and glad for all the blessings that we have received. Today is Sunday the time to be with family and the time of rest.  There is no rest when you work online. He wakes me up everyday and its the cutest thing ever. Hustle like there is no tomorrow and reach for the unreachable stars. We are going to update of favourites from the people that we work for. Its such a beautiful day today here in Vancouver. So excited to go for a walk and enjoy the sun. Prince the party animal is already sun bathing outside. Its nice the sun is finally out.

The time has come for you to get inspired go outside. Play the music of love.  Gaga gave us the cure and we became the cure. Mama Ru said it first if you cant love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else. Let the music play. We will be doing waves soon catch them and ride them with pride. Lets go rise tot eh occasion of our legends ball. Its time to play with the sharks. Its time for the storm. Until our nest post. Inspire the uninspired. Break the chains and dream big. Always and forever Cart3l Dynasty.


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