Ending the night with love.

You see karma comes in 3 folds yes this is true. Im ending the night with so much love from me and him and our now legendary children. You see sometimes you just walk in to amazing people and that is why I love vancouver. Its a comunity and we do believe in reaching out to smaller companies just like us. Our company is mobile for a reason. We are so excited for what the world is finally bringing us. Im still here and he is still there and we are working on our goals slowly but surely.  Thank you thank you to everyone who has helped us get here. Tonight we drink for the future tonight we drink for love. We drink for diversity and we drink for breaking thr chains. I still have a long way to go to get home but its beautiful here in newest. I have taken alot of pictures. Will be sharing them all soon. 

Never ever stop dreaming and never ever stop believing in your powers. You never know who is listening. We have been quoted and our words have been use by great companies. Its time to hit it and its time to make waves. Lets play. Lets gooo stand proud play the game of love. Tag your it.  Its time to dance be kind to one another. 


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