The morning is when you get coffee.

Routine is what everyone needs. 

We all have our own path and we follow the love on the map. 

We asked questions of art.

The world is a deconstructive place. Not everyone will get it. Everyone is invited. But not everyone will rise. 

Our team is family. Our team is from love

Take the exit if you must. 

But we fly with nature. We are all in one. 

We are silly bunnies but we are the choosen ones.we are the leaders yes we are.

We have bright ideas. Ideas that are a must.

Hand in hand she said its a must. 

Tonight we celebrate the future. Future so fast. Slowdown the pace we must. But dont kid yourself this is a must. Thank you, xie xie, and salamat from me and him and our now legendary children. Use our tallents and dance to the beat of our hearts. Always and forever cart3l dynasty. Be kind to one another.


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