Holy cow We are close to 6000 views

Looking at the stats on the magazine and we are close to 6000 views. Yes its kinda crazy how the whole thing is but we are humbled and thankful for everyone who is following us and enjoying our small little magazine. Yes I am still here and he is still there. There is much has changed with the structure of the magazine. There is so much plans that we changed in order to get us to this. We celebrate small victories and this is also a great one to celebrate. We are close to it and sooner than latter we will get to that as well. We have articles, letters, images and play on words that we love.  We have designed our magazine and company to change every now and then to keep people on point. We are the leaders of the pack and we dictate pace like there is no one out here. This is also a recap for those who have been following us and where our journey has taken us.

  1. Toronto is home and where we started out journey
  2. We headed up north in Montreal to find and talk to people
  3. I am in Vancouver setting up a part of our business
  4. We have collected more of our kids
  5. We changed our team
  6. We made waves for our team
  7. Last but not the least we have collected deals and made moves like there is no tomorrow

What we did wrong in the beginning we changed. We left the baggage behind and moved on in life. Yes business is business but its how you always have a choice on how you do things. Its ironic that when we started no one wanted us but now we get to pick. We are focused on what we need to do. We still working on hub number 1. There is a lot to be celebrated but work doesn’t stop here. We hustle like there is no tomorrow.  Soon we will be adding another venture which is our you tube page for everyone to enjoy and catch up on what we are doing and working on. Social media is a domination game and we dominate on that. Life is simple and people just really make it complicated and by taking those people out and loosing our inhibitions away we rise stronger and stronger everyday. The games will never be done its our favourite thing to do. The name of the game has evolved from two different aspects. Our favourite tag your it and making waves. We are thankful and we are happy on what the new and the old gods has given us. Fare warning to all if you don’t like what we are doing you know what we say to that now. Take the exit. our magazine is part of the new age media now more than ever. We wont stop because this is our chosen path.  Let the music play. We found the cure and made sure to be the cure. We have been quoted by the great gods and we are being followed by them and cheering us on. Again Thank You,  Xie Xie and Salamat from me and Calvin and our now legendary children. Ciao for now until our next post inspire the uninspired, break the rules do what you must but play by rules of love. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty.


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