Good morning! The weekend is here so lets run the world. Say what you must but no one affects us anymore.


Yes the weekend is here. Hows everyone? Having fun yet? I am still here and he is still there. Slowly but surely we are getting things done.  Reflections are a must in the weekend. We took our book of plans and scratched everything. When you are building things from scratch you need to take your time. Look at the problem and then see how to really fix it. Well we know what we did wrong and we changed them. We are self made we educated ourselves in the business. You know what people have called me? the mother? know it all, self absorbed, victim and many more. We are not the Victimising our selves.


We are fighting with our words and our talents that was given to us.
We are not here to be liked we are not here to for anything but our plans and goals. It took us a long time to get to the decisions that we made but in the end it it made our plans perfect. Sometimes you really need to prioritise and leave people behind. Leave people behind that don’t do anything for you.  Yesterday we spent the entire day being together and it rejuvenated our ultra love. Know your path in life and concentrate. Love letters, articles and words is what got us here. So we shall and we will. Until our next post. Stay positive, stay proud bend the rules, break the chain, do you and dance to beat of our hearts. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty


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