Ending the night with love and the dream of Met GALA


 On Monday is the first Monday of May. The first Monday of may is a celebration of fashion, arts, and the world’s most influential people. Its vogues Met gala. Anna Wintour’s Metropolitan Museum of Arts 69th annual gala. This year they are celebrating one of my divine heroes of the fashion world Rei Kawakubo aka Comme des Garcons. You see much like us we started a revolution of love and Rei is also part of a revolution of fashion. I more than just adore her and I am inspired by her every day. She is part of the fashion movement in Parisian fashion and she introduced designs from the Japanese world. Rei is one of the most influential designers of this world. Her creations and how she rethinks fashion and defines what beauty is in the fashion world with her clothes is amazing and brilliant. When I was in school for fashion.

Kawakubo, in Tokyo this year.

She has pushed my boundaries and she has pushed me into seeing how art, fashion, and dreaming is all fused into one. She started the anti-fashion and was part of the deconstructed scene. I love and stand up for everything that this woman has done for her career. She is one of the great gods that I talk about for me. She is the definition of avant-garde fashion. She is the breaker of chains and defender of arts and fashion. I am very thankful for individuals like her because they inspire people like us. People who want to make a change in fashion and in the world by not being the norm and not letting society dictate how to be a person. We are also thankful for people who celebrate individuality. This is the time of the of hybrids. The time where you need to be you. The time to celebrate yourself and what you are. This is what cart3lfromlove.com is all about. I cant wait to see what they come out with this year. Thank you Thank you for touching our hearts. Thank you for paving the way. I shall raise my glass to you. You are and always will be a hero of ours. Until our next post. Always and forever Cart3l Dynasty.



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