Extra Extra Extra Read All About It

What we did wrong was when we started the online store we used  the wrong platform to do it.  We learned from our mistakes and now we are fixing that.  Sometime you really just need to leave people behind that is toxic for you.  Me and Calvin are too nice sometimes. You really need to let people know what you think and be a savage. You see living in Toronto we live by the rules of the street. We are street smart and we educate ourselves everyday. Being raised or starting from the west coast people to nice and too naive. I get the best of both worlds with this. I was trained by individuals that I call leaders. You see we don’t just hunt kids and leaders we already have a collection of them. We are building a community and a life with individuals with grace and class. Its so much more fun now when you just don’t open your heart to people. Business is business and sometimes you really need to just say no and also you really need to set boundaries for people. We evolve and we educated each day. We know what we are doing and we specialise in trend annalists. Reading walls is our favourite thing. We anticipate people moves and we wait for nature to tell us when to strike. Until our next post Let the music play. Dance to the beat of our hearts. Feel our positive energy and dream about us. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty


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