Ending the night with love and questions. What animal are you? What Pokemon are you?


We have seen our powers and we have seen  how we changed the world. We saw the actually changed we did and how we influenced the huge people. The question that we asked about art was amazing. We asked about the movies and you guys answered us back. Tonight we ask a funny one since we are keeping it light. What kind of animal are you? if you were to pick? what kind of Pokemon are you? You see I already said I was a Snorlax and if I was an animal I would a sloth. I just watched ted talks about sloths I always love sloths and they are so cute.  just changing up the question and playing the game with the great gods. Its so much more fun now when you really take a look at the work you did and changed it up. Learn from mistakes evolve and revolve your life at work. We love our jobs and we love our company. But we love our selves even more and today we took care of that. We actually haven’t stopped yet its nice to just relax and enjoy life. Even though he is still there and I am still here we had fun on our long day date. I am a workaholic and he knows that. When I got back here in Vancouver my family saw how my head is so into the game. You need to detach and reattach yourself from certain individuals. Listen to what the millennia is saying. Change the game up from time to time and test the waters and your powers. We are the newest most powerful influential out there because we use love. We are already known as the slayer of the truth and we are keeping true to to that. We also have another tip for everyone……..How would you know which one is real and which one is fake online? its easy check our there family!…….check out if there family is involve or there support system. Some are lucky like us to have a strong family and support system. This is why we do this and show up even though when our bodies cant. For me, him and our family.


Let the music play guys. We can see what everyone and how hard working everyone is. We appreciate the hardworking individuals that are part of our management. Hustling and bustling like us. We will get to the top together hand in hand. We just all need to be patient and really work hard and plan properly. Look at how we many individuals we already influenced. Look how many times our words and talents have already been used. Crazy eh Until our next post inspire the inspired move on from the baggage but never say never. Expect the unexpected and swim faster than the sharks out there. Thank you to all our big mothers and from the gods the new and the old who never stop following us. Yasss we changed the world again. Always and forever Cart3l dynasty.



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